Ten Ways To Live A More Spiritual Life

The spiritual journey of life is different for all.  Finding the sacred in the day-to-day will help you to stay on the spiritual path, living the most fruitful and abundant, spiritually-rich life possible.  I like to keep a list of my favorite ways to live a spiritual life someplace where I will see them everyday.  You may like to do the same.  To get you started, here is a list of my ten favorite ways to live a more spiritual life and stay connected to spirit.  There are many ways to live a more spiritual life. You already are more spiritual by having the intention to do so.

#1: Spend time with nature

Whether you take a walk at the park, meditate under a tree, bird watch, plant a garden or invest in more indoor plants, nature attunes the soul to the truth within.  Enjoy the scents and sounds around you.

#2:  See the beauty in all

Beauty surrounds you and you are beautiful too!  Do you see it?  It is there.  Some beauty is more visible then others, but I assure you that it is everywhere.  Meditate on beauty.  Look for it and you will find it.  What do you find most beautiful?  Is it a gesture, a word, a concept, a certain kind of tree or flower, someone’s voice or smile … perhaps your own?

#3:  Connect with your higher self when interacting

Your daily interactions with other people can be a great source of spirituality.  When interacting with others, connect with your higher self first.  Allow the divine to flow through you with your words, deeds and choices.

#4:  Replace negative self-talk, mind-chatter and negative thought patterns with positive affirmations

Let go of the complaining, especially the complaints that you only hear.  The power of affirmations are great, both good and bad.  Visit Affirmations: The Power of The Word.

#5:  Be honest with yourself

Allowing the grace and vibration of the divine into your heart and life takes seeing things as they are.  Start with your feelings.  Be aware of yourself and how you feel.  Feel your emotions.  They are natural and healthy.  If you try to ignore them, they do not disappear.  They will only build-up over time.

Eventually you will have the courage and the strength to be honest with those around you.  When you are strong enough to be honest with others, especially those you care about, letting go of a need to please, relationships become more fulfilling with greater emotional intimacy.

#6:  Take responsibility for your life and your happiness

Believe it or not, happiness is a choice.  Life loves you and wants you to be happy … so make the choice.  Smile and the world will smile back.  Avoid victim mentality, and be pro-active in creating an exceptional life for yourself.

#7:  Love and respect yourself

You are a child of Spirit. Self-love is necessary in order to truly love others. Take good care of yourself and life will take care of you too.  The universe will back you up.  If you feel worthy of love, the universe will agree.  Be sure to get enough rest, enough exercise, eat well and drink plenty of pure water.  Be sure to feed your mind good food too, by thinking thoughts that reflect your love for yourself.  Let your natural beauty shine and remember inner beauty is the mark of true beauty.  If you are a beautiful person it shows … in your eyes and through your heart.  People see true beauty and they feel it too.

#8:  Practice random acts of kindness

Have you ever done something nice for someone, without expecting anything in return?  Can you describe how it makes you feel?  Be sure to do something nice for someone every week.  The act should be something that the person needs and come from the heart.  Make a note of the experience you have each time you do this.  What do you gain by doing this?

#9:  Let go of the past, especially blame and mistakes

In this world, our life is a gift and this world is a classroom.  Making mistakes are part of the lessons, part of the opportunities for spiritual growth.  Never beat yourself up over something you did, rather become better by it.  An atonement can easily be achieved by doing things differently.  Allow yourself human weakness and learn from it.  As long as you choose to learn from your mistakes, rather than repeat them, then you are living spiritually.

We are all children of the higher source, all loved and all cherished, each uniquely for who we are.  Our sins are immediately forgiven, so forgive yourself, forgive others and move on.  Remember, however that to forgive certainly does not mean to condone.  If others treat you poorly, forgive them, but remember that it is your choice to be around others who treat you with the love and respect that you deserve or those who do not.

#10:  Trust in life to bring you what you need

Hardships can be great educators.  There is something good in all experiences and darkness is merely an absence of light.  Sometimes what we truly need, is a deep and penetrating life lesson.  This is the only way to bring about spiritual growth and renewal.

Life loves you and wants you to be successful and live on purpose.  Your heart’s desire, your soul’s journey will attract to you what you need to manifest great changes in your life.  Cultivate gratitude and faith and trust in life to bring you what you need.

These are some of my favorite ways of living a more spiritual life.  I would love to hear yours.  Please share your favorite ways to cultivate the spiritual in your everyday, by commenting below.

Love & Blessings!


The Fairy Realm: Real or Make-Believe? Friend or Foe?

I have held the fascination with the fairy folk every since I was young, perhaps wanting … maybe even needing to believe in the magic of the fey.  Rather than grow up and out of such an attraction toward the fairy realm, instead it grew stronger, as my love of nature increased with every Summer that blossomed.

The fairies are laced within many cultures around the world, as well as literature throughout history.  The definitions of the fairies vary, yet most agree that they are supernatural creatures with magical powers that cannot be observed by everyone.  Hidden and invisible to most, the fairy folk are known to be both benevolent and kind, as well as mischievous and cruel.

Although the subject of the fey has always interested me immensely, as with all other forms of metaphysical and spiritual events, experience has the greatest way of reaching me directly.  For myself I have found that the best way to learn about such phenomena as the fairy realm is to explore the existence of such spirits within nature, such as in the woods, the garden, the park, etc.  Books on the subject of the fairies make a little more sense when combined with personal experience.  Yet it must be understood that although my own experiences in the fairy realm have answered some questions about them, most of the time I end up with more questions.  So, I can easily say that exploring this realm leaves me with more questions than answers, yet life itself has many curious things about it … and often I cannot help but wonder.

It is said that a love of nature opens up the door to the fairy realm.  The hidden bridge between the two worlds of human and fairy becomes visible, through love, just as the vibrations lift when true love is felt.  The five senses experience a limited amount of existence and reality, reaching only certain octaves of vibration, while other levels of vibrations still exist.  Although the sense mechanisms fail to recognize and establish relationships with the octaves of vibration out of their reach, they exist and can be experienced.  The transcendental world is as real as the physical world.  If you can tune yourself into the correct frequency, the fairy realm may just open up to you.

With the season of Spring upon us, comes new growth.  If the world of the fey fascinates you, you may want to explore nature in a new way … with love and and open heart and open mind.  Perhaps you will experience more than you expected.  You may end up with a question or two, after such mysterious events cause more curiosity than you had before.  Some say that the fairies are real, while others say they are make-believe.  Perhaps somehow both sides are correct, in their own way.  Some say that the fairies are friends of humans, while others say they are foe.  Once again, perhaps both are true.  Regardless, if you wonder … hhmmm … fairies … if you think about them … you connect to them.  If you look for them, you may find them … or not, yet as you travel down a path in search for answers, be prepared to find yourself more and more curious, with more questions than you had before.  That is to say, if you believe … or perhaps if you do not … either way, there is more that exists in this life than our five senses can interpret.

May you find the magic of nature and the magic within yourself!

Pranayama: Breath Of Life

There are many things that you do without much thought and breathing is most likely one of them.  However, did you know that the breath holds the key to numerous physical, emotional and spiritual benefits?  An ancient yogic practice known as pranayama has the ability to increase stamina, stimulate weight loss, create oxygenation within the cells, put an end to asthma, purify the blood, create balance between logic and creativity, prepare your mind for meditation and inner exploration, help you experience deep levels of relaxation, take you to altered states of reality, create emotional calm and mental clarity.

At birth our life begins with our first breath and it ends with our last breath.  We are all connected by the cosmic breath, just as we are connected to all of life.  Learning to breathe in a way that benefits an individual will always benefit the whole, as we are all one, here together in this experience called life.

We take approximately 18,000 to 20,000 breaths a day. That is a lot of breathing.  Most if not all breathing is done through the nose, and with good cause.  Breathing though the nose provides many benefits including filtering the air, as well as warming it and keeping it moist. Air then arrives to the lungs in the best condition to provide efficient transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Pranayama, a Sanskrit word, is the art and science of breathing.  A series of breathing practices that are a part of the yogic traditions in India, pranayama has endless healing potentials.  The breath is a vital process of life, often overlooked in regards to health and wellness.  We influence our bodies on each level and within every cell through our breathing.

The ancients long ago recognized that working with the breath yielded impressive results.  Through pranayama practices, the infinite, raw energy of the universe known as prana, can be utilized for your benefit.  You can gain greater control over universal energies, as well as learn to control your emotions and body.  By controlling the breath, you also control the nerves and the mind.  If you can control your mind, you can utilize it as the tool that it is, creating all sorts of good fortune for yourself and others.

Pranayama is the expansion and manifestation of prana, the life energy.  Prana can be cultivated and channeled through the different pranayama breathing exercises.  Pranayama has been proven an effective method for improving health, in addition to prevention and management of diseases.  According to yogic philosophy, disease is the result of blocks and imbalances in the flow of prana.

In the body, energy is being continuously consumed, produced and exerted.  The shifting of energy, creates of flow of energy within the body.  There are many breathing techniques for controlling prana through the breath and different ways of breathing create different flows of energy within the body.  For example, faster breathing creates shorter waves of energy, or bursts of energy and slower breathing creates longer waves, or steady slow, frequencies of energy.

Three types of breathing exist: thoracic breathing (mid chest), clavicular breathing (upper chest) and diaphragmatic breathing (belly breathing).  Diaphragmatic breathing is the ideal way of breathing.  This is what babies and children do naturally.  Take a look at your abdomen.  Do you see your belly move up and down as you breath?  If you do, this means you are diaphragmatic breathing.

Pranayama can have tremendous value in your life.  For more information on this ancient secret of youth and longevity, please visit the University of Metaphysical Sciences.  They have an excellent class on the subject, as well as many supportive teachers to help you along the way.

Channeling: An Ancient Art

The ancient metaphysical science of channeling has been practiced long before it was given such a name.  A channel is a conduit through which something flows or passes and being a channel for spirit is allowing spirit to flow or pass through you.  To be a channeler is to be an open vessel for spirit.  Channeling can be a valuable source of information that answers many questions, even the mysteries of life, although it is different than psychic skills and clairvoyance.  Channeling comes from the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, as psychic abilities come from the sixth chakra, the third eye.

Some well-known channelers include Edgar Cayce (known as the sleeping prophet), Christine Breese (the founder of UMS), Sanaya Roman, Esther Hicks and Barbara Brennan.  A significant amount wisdom has been gathered by these channelers for the benefit of all humanity.  Spirit guides, or in some cases, groups of spirit guides worked with these channelers and speaking through them, they were able to share their messages and teachings with all the world.

Artists, musicians and writers have all experienced the flow, as through a channel, in which great inspiration comes from a higher source rather than the self.  When they fall into a trance, which is a deep meditative state, they begin to channel.  When this occurs the music creates itself, the book writes itself and the illustration illustrates itself.  You get the idea.  Effortlessness is the essence because the work is not entirely their own.

Two types of channeling exist.  The first type is conscious channeling, in which the channeler remains conscious of the experience.  A conscious channeler is an active participant in the channeling process.  The second type is unconscious channeling, in which the channeler “goes to sleep” and has no recollection of what happened during the channeling session.  There are good points about each of these types of channeling.

Each channeler has their own unique signal that let’s them know that they are ready to channel and connect with their guide.  It is important that they work with only high-level guides, who are beings that are kind, benevolent and have their well-being in mind.  The channeler always has the choice of who or what they want to channel, just like they have the choice of who they want as friends or business associates. High-level guides have a deep love for humanity and a desire to assist in raising the consciousness of the planet.  The emotional response that the channeler has to the guides will be a big indication of whether or not they are working with a high-level guide or not.  High-level guides feel good to be around.  High-level guides are attracted to those who have integrity themselves, living a life of balance and purity with a benevolent nature.  High-level guides make others feel lifted in vibration and supported.  Low-level guides may frighten the channeler.  Low-level guides speak negatively, stroke ego’s and want the channeler to follow their advice blindly without question.

If you are serious about channeling or are simply curious and want to know more, it is advised that you study and do much more research than this article can provide.  Channeling can be dangerous.  Not all guides are kind.  The University of Metaphysical Sciences has a great course on channeling to get you started.  For more information, please visit UMS.

Dreams: A Secret Key To Wellness

Are you a vivid dreamer?  Do you recall your dreams often? Do you even have dreams?

The truth is that everyone dreams, even if you do not remember them upon wakening.  Scientific research and experimentation have proven that we need to dream.  Dreams are essential.

Dreams occur during the active part of sleep, when REM occurs.  REM is an indication that a dream is occurring.  During REM the eyes are moving, fingers and other muscles twitch and the brain burns just as much energy as it does during waking life.  The reason that the body does not act out more than simple eye movement and body twitches during a dream is because of natural sleep paralysis is induced in the body during sleep.  REM occurs approximately every ninety minutes during the night, with more REMs closer together, even a half hour apart, closer to morning.

Lack of dreaming, through sleep deprivation during REM sleep  (the period that we dream), leads to psychotic behavior.  Dreams are a healthy part of our psychology.  If a person is kept from dreaming, their personality will begin to change.  A single night without dreaming will cause nervousness and irritability.  The longer a person goes without dreaming the more irritable they will become.  If dreams are prevented for a few days, definite psychological changes in behavior occur.  Waking life depletes the brains’ supply of some very critical chemicals and during REM sleep, these chemicals are replenished, which brings about emotional stability, increased memory and learning functions.

To understand your feelings and yourself more deeply, pay attention to your dreams.  They are the keys to the doorways within.  Dreams also serve as a world that is limitless … a place of amusement, where you can enjoy yourself.  The healthiest people are said to be those who are happy, so why not enjoy dreaming … record your dreams, have fun with them.  Let them amuse you.  Maybe even learn how to lucid dream, which means you are aware you are dreaming and can control them.  One of the greatest antidotes against illness is happiness.  Many dreams can even put you in a good mood that lasts throughout the day, affecting psychological structure and leading toward all sorts of positive encounters.

Dreams are a valuable resource that are available to everyone who desires to decode their symbolism.  Dreams are a place where you can learn about yourself.  Some say that dreams are more honest than our waking consciousness and that in our dreams we reveal our true feelings, especially about the most important issues in our life.  Finding the meaning of your dreams is very personal.  Once you can understand how your own associations work,  you will have the ability to better able to interpret your dreams.  It is often stated that dreams have multiple levels of meaning woven into a single dream.  It is not uncommon to have dreams that get your attention about an illness in the body.  Sickness can certainly have a somatic influence on dreams.

Only you, the dreamer can know for sure what your dreams mean.  Dream dictionaries may help a little and therapist can certainly help you figure out your dreams for yourself, but only you will make the final decision to their meaning.  If you are interested in decoding your dreams, consider making your own dream journal and dream dictionary.  Everyone has their own associations and symbols that the individual mind thinks and communicates through dreams.  In your dream journal, record your dreams.  Keep it by your bed with a pen, so that you can write them down immediately upon waking up.  The dream dictionary will be much like the dream meaning dictionaries that you can get in a store, only it will be you that gives the dream symbols meaning according to your own associations.  Be sure to have plenty of room to add to your interpretations over time.

Whether you get to know your dreams more intimately through understanding the messages that come from the subconscious to the conscious mind, or not, dreams are an important part of your being, that contribute greatly to health and happiness.

UMS has an incredible course on dreaming.  For more information, please visit the University of Metaphysical Sciences.

The Herbal Allies Among Us

There exists an army that stands by, awaiting to be your ally.  The plants that grow in the wild want to be your friends.  They want to share the gifts that they have with the world, just as many of us do.  The only difference is that the plants already know what it is that they are good at, what they have to share with the world.  Many of us, on the other hand, are still learning about the gifts and talents that we have to share.  Actually the plants are already our friends.  We could not live without them and yet there secrets and healing abilities have a great deal of discovery to take place.

The herbal world is full of wonder and excitement.  It is a world of enchantment, healing and magic.  Herbal medicine, also known as herbalism or botanical medicine, is a medical system based on the use of plants.  Herbs are used by many different cultures throughout the world today and have been utilized since the antiquity of time.  Herbalism has its roots at the very beginning of human history, recorded in every corner of the earth.  Actually before 500 B.C. plants were the only source of medicine.

This ancient healing system of herbs has so much to offer, an increasingly vital element to our health and well-being.  Nature is said to be the wisest source of healing and herbs have the ability to heal the body, mind and spirit in gentle, yet effective ways.  Herbs can help us to recover from illness, ease tension and pain, cleanse our system, increase immunity and so much more.

The more I learn about herbs, the more amazed I become.  They are so useful and important, always surprising me with yet another way to utilize them and improve my life somehow.  I began my studies with simple ways of using herbalism, such as making teas and at times herbal infusions.  Gradually I began to to make all sorts of herbal remedies, from poultices, lozenges, oils, ointments, inhalations, infusions, tinctures, gargles, baths, extracts and capsules.  Don’t let all those fancy ways of preparing herbs to scare you though.  Herbal Wisdom is a deep well, although the wisdom and healing potential exists no matter how deep you delve.  Entire schools are devoted to herbalism.  After all we are talking about an ancient art that has been around since the beginning of time.  The animals too look toward the plants for remedies.  I always give thanks, showing tremendous amounts of gratitude to the plants that I harvest.  I share love, as well as water, compost, honey and at times cakes and tea … for the fairies of course.

The knowledge to heal yourself and those around you is empowering and invaluable.  It adds great dimension to my life, as there is nothing greater than helping myself and those I love, live the best life possible.  I wish this for you too.  So whether you harvest from the wild, purchase or grow your herbs, please be sure to do a little research first and foremost.  Also, connect with the herbs you wish to use, invite them to be your friend … You will be glad that you did.

As with all healing modalities, consult with a physician first.  Be sure to get proper medical advice and treatment, especially in emergency situations, from your medical doctor.


UMS Herbs, A Spiritual Approach Course

This course is part of the Bachelor’s program at UMS.  All UMS courses can be purchased individually.  Visit University of Metaphysical Sciences for more information.

World Religions – The Common Threads

Each individuals’ perception of religion is as unique as each individual themselves.  There are many interpretations and points of view to everything.  Everyone experiences their own sacred religion in a different way and many people adopt the things that they like in a religion, while ignoring the parts that they dislike.  This adoption of likes and dislikes, often happens subconsciously rather than through conscious awareness.  I have taken pieces and parts of religions around the world for years and called them my own.  I adopted the philosophy of “taking a little bit of this” and “a little bit of that” to be a great honor for the religions that have become a part of my foundational belief system.

There are common threads that weave the worlds religions together in a spiritual tapestry of inter-knowing and reflection.  One thread, regardless of religion is that of a higher power that presides over all that is.  The simplicity of “just being a good person” is another.  Some examples of being a good person would be helping to take care of others, practicing right action and doing good deeds.  There are of course variations as to what doing the right thing means among religions, however most would agree to the great importance of the choices made in life and the path that they put you on.  Many wars have been fought in the name of religion, many righteous purging in the world of one group or another.  Another common trait that all religions share is that of ritual.  Whether it is singing, prayer or gathering together, these rituals are ways of focusing an intent.  That’s right all religions do this.  Intention is important, as it is the seed that becomes the plant that will grow.

The beauty of all religions is that they act as a guide toward our fulfillment and enlightenment.  They help to establish a desire for doing good, a belief in a higher power and a focus of divine intent.  Studying the various religions of the world is a rewarding and rich undertaking because it allows deeper understanding of yourself and at times your own religion.  It has a wholeness to it, a realism unveiled, a recognition of the importance of the parts that make up a whole, as much as the importance of the whole itself.

The world has many religions to share with us.  Each has its own practices and beliefs, and each has served humanity in its own way.  There is great value in each and although different, just as people too are different, they are very much the same.


UMS World Religion Course

This course is part of the Bachelor’s program at UMS.  All UMS courses and meditations can be purchased individually.  Visit University of Metaphysical Sciences for more information.