9-18-06 Summer Ends! University Of Metaphysical Sciences, Christine Breese

September has started with quite a bang this year. University Of Metaphysical Sciences has been very busy since the beginning of the month. Summer is over and people are starting to think about school again, although the weather is still quite nice. Here in Arcata, some of our best weather is in the summer. The nice thing about Arcata is that it never gets too hot in the summer and it never gets too cold in the winter. Well! We better get back to work! Lots of enrollments to process today that came in over the weekend. This is our busiest time of year.

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4 thoughts on “9-18-06 Summer Ends! University Of Metaphysical Sciences, Christine Breese

  1. Yes, that is possible. Arcata is hard for most people to get to though because it is far away from an international airport. That is why we travel to the cities and hold retreats there where people can more easily access the travel situation inexpensively. It is expensive to fly to Arcata because it is a separate flight from a major airport on a small plane.

  2. If the interface of spirituality and science is of interest to you visit my Website (newspiritualparadigm.org). Should you find these ideas to hold truth and merit please share the link with friends, colleagues, and group members. I’m always interested in collaboration as spiritual mechanics blends seamlessly with most belief systems.
    Thank you
    Steve Harrison MD FACEP (908-229-7931)

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