University Of Metaphysical Sciences, Christine Breese, Busy busy busy!

University Of Metaphysical SciencesOctober 23, 2006 – Busy busy busy!

It’s still a pretty busy fall season and we have been quite occupied. We have really settled into our new offices at this point and we just added a couple new computers so that we could hire more people to try to keep up with the growth spurt that University of Metaphysical Sciences is going through. We have had to hire several new people in order to keep up with the work! We welcome our new staff members and everyone seems to be working out fine. University Of Metaphysical Sciences has turned out to be a beautiful spiritual family and everyone loves coming to work here every day.

Zolar the Magnificent, our office cat friend who lives next door and comes over to hang out with us all day, got locked in the house last night and he sure was glad to get out in the morning. Oops! Everyone knows now that they have to watch out for the cat when we lock up at the end of the day.

Our webmaster got all of our exams online and automated. It’s wonderful! It cuts down on a lot of staff time so that now staff can spend that time on other projects. We can now spend more time on the parts of the exams that are just the true/false and multiple-choice questions. We can now take more time to read and answer the meditation reports and other short answer questions. Automating the true/false and multiple-choice questions for grading has made life so much easier for us!

Christine Breese

Starlight Journal


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