New Year Beginnings

University Of Metaphysical Sciences, Christine Breese

As the new year begins, we all just want to wish you a great new energy setting for the year. A new year is like a psychic barrier, a border that is crossed. Old energy is left behind and new energy emerges. As a year ends, we all look back and examine lessons learned, accomplishments made, progress achieved and memories we will cherish. As a year begins, we all look with hope to achieving new goals, aspiring to new heights, and gathering another terrific collection of memories to cherish for the rest of our lives.

We hope for everyone the flowering of their dreams and the accomplishment of their true desires and goals. May the energy you set for this new year be a blessing to yourself and others, and may all beings unite in peace and harmony together, locally and globally. May we all do our part to assist others in their spiritual growth and grow ourselves as the challenges arise.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Christine Breese

Wisdom of the Heart Church

University of Metaphysical Sciences


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