Types of Psychic Abilities

Seeing into the future is a natural occurrence and we are all psychic to some degree.   To the eternal self, our true nature, time is simultaneous and there is no past or future.  There is only the eternal now.  To the eternal self, everything happens at once.  The term psychic is generally used to describe a person with the ability to recognize things that are hidden from the five basic senses, to sense something through the use of extra-sensory perception.  Being psychic is actually a generalized umbrella term that refers to many different forms of psychic abilities.  There are many types of psychic powers and they all have a different way of sharing information.  Let’s take a look at some of the more common and talked about psychic abilities.

Telepathy is is the transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our 5 known sensory channels, and without any type of physical interaction.  Telepathy is most potent between people who have an emotional bond.  Love is often involved.  Stress also brings about spontaneous telepathy at times.  When there is a great need, it is not unusual for a person to quickly become aware of the validity, accuracy and existence of telepathy.

Clairvoyance (known also as clear vision) is an interior vision.  Clairvoyance is seeing beyond what the eyes see.  It is possible to receive many visual insights, as well as see the auras of people, animals and plants using clairvoyance.  Those with exceptional clairvoyant skills can see fairies, spirits, angels and many other spiritual beings.  Often a clairvoyant can see objects or symbols which may have a specific personal or universal meaning, as well as light anomalies … such as flashes of light, orbs and sparks.

Clairaudience (known also as clear hearing) is the ability to hear beyond the physical hearing.  This is inner hearing.  Those who are clairaudient hear many different things, such as bells, voices, music and sounds.  Sound is extremely important to metaphysical and spiritual traditions throughout the world. Often, before an important insight is received or as an opening to a spiritual experience occurs, a sound is heard through clairaudience. This sound may me a soft ring in the ear, a quiet whisper or sometimes it can be much more intense. I have also heard this sound referred to in some traditions as the bells of paradise or the trumpeting before the gates.  The sounds heard through clairaudience are often described as radio signals from varying levels of universal air waves, including our own higher self.  In this way, we tune-in … or something tries to tune-in to us .  The voices that can be heard through clairaudience are often giving spiritual guidance or warning of impending danger.

Clairsentience (known also as clear feeling) or empathy is the ability to feel or sense information beyond the physical senses.

Psychometry is the ability or art of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near it.  Objects belonging to a person are used to help induce psychic intuitions about them.  This ability to touch an object, item or person and receive information about them can be received in the mind as pictures, short a moving film or a sudden a knowing of information.

Remote Viewing, a form of clairvoyance, is the process of observing from a great distance.  This allows the remote viewer to see what is happening in a another place,  describing details about the target that is inaccessible to the normal senses.


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