Just What Kind Of Craft, Is Witchcraft?

The word witch is enough to stir up all kinds of small town trouble, but is it really that big of a deal?  What do witches do anyway that have people talking till the cows fly home, singing opera and wearing cute tights?  Witchcraft illicits great fear … fear that creates a lot of black magick in itself.  So stay with me for a few moments here.  I want to dispel the myths and verify the magick, all while freeing you from the fear that causes the most blackest of arts.

Magick is all around us and within us.  It could be said that we are made of magick … It is a natural part of the human experience, a natural reaction to life and an external expression of humanity’s psychic connection to the universe.  Believed to be a survival technique developed in times of need, witchcraft is a belief that humans co-exist with nature in an organic and cooperative relationship with the Universe that is deliberate with intent.  The relationship with the Universe, with life, with nature creates heightened states of awareness and sensitivities in the practitioner, opening them up to a more awakened life experience.

The craft, short for witchcraft, is practiced by diverse people, in a pan-global context.  It has simply been defined as the craft of the wise.  Although the craft is nature-oriented with pre-Christian roots, the framework and definitive identifiers continue to evolve and change.  It can be practiced in either an agnostic or atheistic belief system.  The belief in divinity is not necessary to practice the craft, although many who do have a belief in immanence of the divine.  The craft often coexists with other religious, scientific and spiritual views.  There is a lot of liberty … a source of attraction to many.  A practitioner of the craft creates change with nature-based spirituality and techniques.

This special skill set that brings about the change that occurs with the craft is called magick.  The co-creational process of change involves vibrational life energy, resonant energetic magnetism, focused willpower or prayer, natural laws and greater than mundane forces.  The craft calls the practitioner to reveal there own truth, while being the priest or priestess of oneself.  The craft takes its teaching from nature and the natural forces that are used to perform magick are inherit within each individual and within the earth itself.  It is a necessary part of the personal empowerment that comes along with the craft that the practitioner lives with integrity and responsibility.  This is often more difficult than simply going along with what is considered the norm and the “right” way of doing things.

The craft is an opportunity to invest in the energetic co-creational process, while connecting with nature and taking control of your life.  It is a powerful and encouraging revelation when the wisdom of our ancestors finds itself useful in your life.  The reward of personal empowerment often leads to the realization of the true potential of an individual … a sense of divine purpose.  The gift of magick is available to everyone, although some may have a little more of a natural gift for it.

The fear of change, as well as the fear of the power that accompanies the ability to command through the force of your will and bring about change is at the root of the stigmatization and  social alienation of witches.  Oddly enough the gossip, finger-pointing, blaming and hatred that comes from this sort of fear can be very damaging, a spell of its own, that effects the practitioner the most.  The thoughts, words and deeds of an individual are indeed magickal in themselves, as the energy that goes out … eventually comes back around.


UMS Witchcraft Course

This course is part of the Bachelor’s program at UMS.  All UMS courses and meditations can be purchased individually.  Visit University of Metaphysical Sciences for more information.


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