Psychic Development and Intuition

Everyone has intuition and whether you know it or not, you use it everyday.  It is a very natural thing.  Intuition is used all the time to make practical and reasoned decisions about money, love, family and every other aspect of life.  Right this very moment you are receiving information instructively.  You are simply unaware of this process.  Most people use their intuition unconsciously all the time, but psychics use their intuition consciously and with deliberate intent.  A psychic have learned to use their intuition on a conscious level, making it possible to answer questions and find information that is that hidden from the mundane world.

Your subconscious mind knows at least ninety percent more than you conscious mind does.  Your subconscious mind works with the cosmos.  You could easily say that your subconscious mind is one smart cookie.  It knows the future, the past, probabilities and possibilities in your life.

Exercising intuition makes it stronger, so the more you use it the better you can utilize this skill in your life.  After all, happiness and intuition are your birthrights.  With a little practice you can make intuition a conscious process.  Intuition is a capacity you were born with, just like riding a bike, playing a music instrument or an any other skill you learn.

You can learn how to hear your subconscious mind when it speaks to you.  This has tremendous potential, offering a richer and more fulfilling life.  Imagine, instantaneously having the answer to a question your heart longed-for queries.  The subconscious mind can find the information that the reasoning mind and intellect could only accomplish after utilizing many time-consuming methods.  Intuition does not reason, nor does it need too.  It is a nonlinear process, simply know in an instant.  By having a question, your intuition has a place of focus.  There is a lot of information available … all information to be exact … and without a question, you may receive answers to the questions that you may not even be aware of.

If you want to develop your intuition you can begin with this simple exercise.  Simply pretend that you already know how.  That’s right, pretend that you can use your intuition at the drop of a hat to answer all kinds of questions.  Be sure to have a question though.  This is important to allowing a specific answer or insight to come through.  Write about it in a special journal that is devoted toward your psychic development.

Another way of increasing your own psychic awareness is through mindfulness.  Become aware of your senses and get in touch with yourself.  Probe yourself like someone who wants to get to know you better.  Answer these questions and use your journal to record your answers.  What do you hear, taste, smell?  How are you feeling at this very moment?  Describe your mental, physical and emotional state.  Be aware of the moment.  Repeat this exercise often to help increase psychic awareness.

Remember to have fun!


UMS Psychic Skills Course

This course is part of the Bachelor’s program at UMS.  All UMS courses and meditations can be purchased individually.  Visit University of Metaphysical Sciences for more information.


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