The Angelic Realm

Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the...

Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest Heaven, The Empyrean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angel sculpture in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Camb...

Angel sculpture in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if there was always someone looking out for you, looking after your highest good, comforting, guiding and protecting … someone who had your back no matter what, unconditionally devoted to you … continuously on a mission to look after your well-being and evolution? 

Many believe that there is … and so do I!

Have you ever met an angel?  Have you ever felt one near, or heard the music of the angelic realm?  Or maybe someone has told you about an encounter that they have had?  Would you like to meet an angel?  Would you ask for help if you could, especially when you needed it most?  Would you ask for help, even if you were a bit skeptical?  Could it hurt?

It is possible that you have already met an angel, although unaware.  Hebrews 13:2 states, “Be careful when entertaining strangers, for by so doing, many have entertained angels unawares”.

Angels are truly everywhere, including historical references down through the ages … found in every culture and every religion … a common thread.  They are here with us, whether you believe in them or not.  The angels are laced intricately through art, poetry, literature, sculpture, paintings and nations around the globe.  The angels have been spoken about by great spiritual teaches, saints, poets and prophets.  They transcend cultural belief systems and their existence predates a monotheistic God.  Evidence of belief of these celestial beings can be shown through the writing and drawings of ancient civilizations.  There are many stories of the angels bringing divine messages from above that can be found in the bible and countless other books, as well as personal stories from people that most likely live in your community … even people you know and are close to, such as neighbors, co-workers, friends and relatives.

So what exactly is an angel?  An angel is a messenger, with a special message that has been sent from up above.  They are divine beings that are in service to the Holy Spirit and the greater good of all, that bring messages of love and joy.  Angels are an extension of God, radiant messengers sent by God.  The angels are pure unconditional love and wisdom, important in the heavenly realm.  They help us to raise our vibrational level, give us guidance and comfort.  They show us our potential and help when we need it most.  Angels are a gift from God, to be of assistance to our higher true soul’s purpose while helping us be of assistance to all of creation at the same time.

When you call out, an angel will respond.  They will always respond, whenever we ask for assistance.  They work in subtle ways and will speak to everyone differently.  The angels help keep you in a place of love, protecting you and being there for you, especially when you need them.  So anytime you feel the need, call upon the angels and you are sure to receive angelic guidance.  Welcome this guidance with an open heart and an open mind … and remember how loved you really are.

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