Noah’s Ark & The Great Deluge

English: Noah. Mosaic in Basilica di San Marco...

English: Noah. Mosaic in Basilica di San Marco, Venice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people are aware of Noah and the great flood.  This epic Old Testament biblical story of the great global deluge has inspired many artists, poets, film makers and scholars throughout history and continues to be a popular children’s book.  Similar stories of a great flood that covered the entire planet are mentioned in the Torah and the Quran, as well as almost every culture throughout history.  The Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh and the ancient Greeks, Romans and Native Americans all have their own variations of the legendary flood story, as does the myth of the Sumerian water god Enki.  The flood story is all over the world … clearly found to be an event that was sent to us from the people of the past.  Whether or not the great deluge is an actual historical account or not is quite controversial, however it is hard to dispute that somehow the message of the flood is important.
Although most people are aware of one of the bibles most well-known stories, considered to be a retribution of God or the gods, most likely there is a lot about it that you may never even heard of.  In many ways this New Testament story is fantastical … Hebrew mythology that gives clues into a world that once existed and perhaps a world that may return … where giants roamed the earth and the angels produced offspring with humans.  According to the Book of Genesis, God saw that humankind and the Nefilim were committing all sorts of wickedness and therefore decided to destroy man, all except Noah and his family.

Scientists believe that they may have actually found evidence that suggests that Noah’s Ark really existed.  They have found what they believe to be the remains of Noah’s ark beneath snow and volcanic debris on Turkey’s Mount Ararat.  Tours to this Turkish site will take you directly to what is believed by many to be the fossilized remains of Noah’s Ark.  Many people are convinced that this is indeed the Ark of Noah and that it has been revealed to the world at this time for an important reason … the universe wants people to know about it.

English: "The Deluge", Frontispiece ...

English: “The Deluge”, Frontispiece to Doré’s illustrated edition of the Bible. Based on the story of Noah’s Ark, this shows humans and a tiger doomed by the flood futilely attempting to save their children and cubs. Français : “Le Déluge”, Frontispice de l’édition illustrée par Gustave Doré de la Bible. Basé sur l’histoire de l’Arche de Noé, la gravure montre des humains et un tigre tentant en vain de sauver leur progéniture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe that everyone’s perspective of this story, the values and lessons that they are gifted from it, will all be different.  As a student of spirituality and metaphysical studies, the story of Noah, whose righteousness found favor with God or the gods, inspires me to live a whole life … a life that celebrates the parts about existence that are miraculous and natural … the animals, farming and the joy of family.  I think of Noah’s wife and how she must have responded to such a great calling and how brave, strong and intuitive she must have been.  I apply this story in my daily life, by understanding that life sometimes seems cruel … yet, it is filled with wonder … and fortunately everlasting light and life.  The story invites me in … into something deeper, more complex, yet seems to subliminally advise that although our minds can come up with all kinds of clever and creative mixes and matches, scientific studies, conclusions and experimentation, hybrids, cloning, etc … the best things in life indeed are those that need no alteration, no changes or tweaks, as they already are blessed with the love of the creator, of the universal mind.  The story of Noah says that God had promised never again to flood the earth, and offered the rainbow as a sign of good faith saying, “This is the token of covenant which I make between me and  you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: I do set my rainbow in the cloud”.  Sealed with the promise that is represented by the rainbow … the bridge that is nothing other than pure light and something of deep metaphysical significance, a stairway to heaven, Noah and his family are then left with their next important mission, as this story of destruction becomes one of creation.


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