Meditation Can Change The World

Are you familiar with the healing powers of meditation?  Did you know that mediation can change the world?  That it contributes to the peace of entire nations?  Did you know that meditating is not only good for your own stress levels, but it also contributes to the reduction of stress and stress-related illness for your neighbors to?  Do you do your part to help yourself and help the consciousness of the masses?  

There are numerous benefits of meditation, including dramatic stress reduction.  When you meditate you clear away the information overload that builds up and contributes to  stress.  Stress is a natural part  of human life, but today we are experiencing pandemic levels of stress, stress-related mental illness and lifestyle diseases that are abnormal by historical standards.  Meditation is known to dramatically help reverse the negative effects of stress on the body and mind.

Meditation can give a deep sense of calm, peace and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being and overall health.  There is a growing body of scientific evidence being released by the world’s leading universities demonstrating how meditation produces a large range of positive outcomes.  These include normalized blood pressure and heart rate, empathy, heightened immunity, sharpened memory, increased energy levels and creativity, chronic pain relief, overall increase in well-being and happiness, increased brain function, better decision making capabilities, decreased stress, decreased depression and anxiety and faster recovery from stressful events, to name a few.  The emotional benefits of mediation include a reduction of negative emotions, mindfulness, optimism, increased self-awareness and an overall peace within the self.


Meditation (Photo credit: holisticgeek)

Meditation is not only good for the individual who practices, but for the mass consciousness as well.  This is a new concept for many.  There have been numerous studies that have shown that a large group of people meditating together have a measurable effect on the greater population.  You can be a part of a great movement for peace and never leave the comfort of your home.  If we all come together and focus, and every individual does their part to affect the mass consciousness of humanity, we can change the world.  We can bring about peace through peace, rather than peace through war.

Meditating together also lets us come together in a shared intention for change.  On a global scale, we have witnessed many times how a small handful of people, strongly unified by a common intent, can profoundly influence a larger group of people.  Great global movements for peace begin with the unity of people who desire peace for the greater good.  If the number of people who meditate peace are large enough, this can neutralize negativity, neutralizing stress of the masses (even those who are not meditating) and lower crime and the desire for war.  A group of individuals can have a marked influence on the calming influence throughout society.

I see meditation as a divine gift, a way that we can contribute and give to our world.

Brain structures involved in dealing with fear...

Brain structures involved in dealing with fear and stress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the world-renowned quantum physicist, public policy expert and leading proponent of peace, Dr. John Hagelin, stress has a significant effect on the brain and group meditation is a brain-based approach to peace.  He says that the epidemic of stress that contributes to so many health problems, including stress-related illness such as hypertension, heart disease and stroke,  can be reduced through meditation.  Dr. Hagelin explains that anti-social behavior and aggressive-impulsive criminal behavior are stress driven behaviors, born of stress.  Stress has a negative effect on brain functioning and under stress the prefrontal cortex shuts down.  Dr. Hagelin goes on to say that when the prefrontal cortex (otherwise known as the higher brain, responsible for higher human functioning, such as moral reasoning and judgments) shuts down, under stress, we are driven by the primitive, impulsive brain.  At this point we then lose control and lose the ability to consider the implications of our actions.  You could see how this would be problematic.  A simple tool to reverse the negative effects of stress on brain functioning is meditation.  The amazing part about this is that you not only effect yourself when you meditate, you effect others, contributing to the mass consciousness of the planet.

So please, do your part and together we can change the world.  To learn more, please visit the University of Metaphysical SciencesFree downloads are available.

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