Communication Skills – A Key To Peace

When an individual improves their self they contribute to the well-being of the totality of the whole.  The improvement of skills that allow one to communicate well is integral to the healing of our planet, especially in these fragmented and complex times.  Communication skills can improve the world we all live in.  They are important for the survival of an individual as well as the evolutionary progress of our planet.  The lightworkers among us know of the significance of being able to communicate, articulate and understand the language of the needs shared by all humanity on both a spiritual and practical level, as this skill greatly serves humanity.

Most people do not know how to express their needs to others, nor do they know how to interpret other peoples’ needs.  One of my favorite methods of learning how to communicate, even among great conflict, is known as Nonviolent Communication, or NVC for short.  Developed by clinical psychologist, Dr. Rosenburg, NVC is a system for getting in touch with the basic needs of ourselves and those around us.  Dr. Rosenberg has been teaching this system of communication across the globe for over thirty years.  He lives what he teaches, the mark of a true healer, teacher and sage.

Nonviolent Communication is a way of being, thinking, and living in the world.  According to NVC, when we recognize the needs (a common bond of humanity) of ourselves and those around us, strategies can then be discussed to meet the needs of everyone involved.  NVC teaches a literacy of needs, something most people do not have.  This technique has tremendously successful results when applied in conflict resolution, as well as increasing intimacy between individuals.  When we make the choice to help someone with something that they need it feels good to contribute to the well-being of another.  The gift of giving comes from the heart to heart connection between individuals.  A true bond forms this way and everyone gets their needs met, therefore everyone is satisfied with the results.

Identifying our core needs and developing a strategy to get them met, as well as helping others to meet their needs is the main focus of NVC.  NVC teaches ways to express ourselves while accepting the risk of vulnerability and formulating requests in ways that work toward resolution.  This method allows an individual to be more in touch with their authenticity and what is alive within them.  The language that is taught fosters compassionate and empathetic connection between people.  Although the system is simple, it takes great patience and desire to put it into practice.  With a little initial effort the use of NVC is tremendously rewarding.  It has great use in conflict resolution, especially when all others methods have failed.  As they say in A Course In Miracles, “When we empathize, their is nothing to forgive”.

By contributing to the peace between individuals, whether you are the mediator or communicating for yourself, you help to contribute to the peace of the planet.  The global community of unity is emerging and there is a sense of being less separate from one another.  While our own personal uniqueness gives us each an individual mark on society, as well as our own personal mission and role, the human commonality between us all helps us to communicate and share with one another.  If we bring our knowledge and awareness of understanding and cooperation to our immediate spheres of influence, the ripples of transformation and healing will reach great distances.  One person can have a great effect on many.  Learning to communicate and understand the core of what others are saying is a skill that has the power to touch your heart and your life, as well as those around you.  Be the change!

For more information on communication skills, please visit the University of Metaphysical Sciences.


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