Unconditional Love: Loving Without Condition

A student of life, there have been several times when I have wondered to myself, “How did I do that?”, notably some of the times that my heart chakra opened and I could feel its effects on my surrounding.  I searched for the answers to my awakened heart experiences for quite some time and although gained a lot of wisdom, I still felt unsure how I could repeat the experience.  When I felt the warm sensation of my heart opening, others could feel it too!!!  I read book after book, many that were very helpful to my spiritual development and growth, yet I remained puzzled about the key to unlocking my own heart.  One of my teachers had asked me how I knew it wasn’t opened already, which made me realize that it probably was.  Although I was not in a state to feel my open heart consistently, this did not mean that it was not open.  I still searched for a way to feel the love pouring from me at will, for an answer to how I opened it spontaneously so many times before.  My many experiences were the best tool that I had toward repeating them at will and one day, while in a state of meditation, the truth was revealed to me.  It was an “ah-hah moment”, as I realized that it is so simple …

The secret, the answer to my heart opening experiences is through unconditional love.  Unconditional love is true love, pure love … and it is potent, healing, intense and feels amazing.  Unconditional love creates spiritual union.  It raises your vibration and increases the flow of positive energy into your life.  Unconditional love is lucky …

Unconditional love makes you feel whole, happy and complete, with a rich inner garden that seeds many potentials.  Unconditional love is freeing, as it releases us from the restrictions and limitations we put on others and on ourselves.  Loving unconditionally is easier than conditional love.  With a little practice, releasing the joys and blessings of pure love into your life and into your heart is easy.

To begin to practice loving in a pure, unconditional way let’s first take a look at what conditional love is.  Conditional love is loving with conditions, with limitations.  Conditional love is like paying for love.  If you act a certain way, you will get love.  If you do not act a certain way,  love is omitted.  This is the way many people love, especially of themselves.

Unconditional love is love without limits.  It is having love for someone, no matter what that person does, says or is.  When unconditional love is present their are no judgments and forgiveness comes easily.  Unconditional love is giving love without expectation, with total acceptance of the way the person is.  Unconditional love is loving someone as they truly are.  Pure unconditional love feels wonderful, as it resonates with the universe, creating a spiritual union.  Unconditional love is natural!  It is something we are born with.

Having unconditional love for yourself is important to spiritual growth and development.  Actually in order to love another in a balanced and wholesome way, you must first love yourself.  Act in ways that reflect self-love and forgive yourself for making mistakes.  Loving yourself no matter what is what pure, unconditional love is all about.  Unconditional love is continuing to feel love, without interruption, without excuse, without reason to cut the ties of love.  Pure love gains momentum, as there are no excuses to stop the flow.

Unconditional love can be very difficult at times, yet it is extremely rewarding.  When you love without strings attached, you open yourself up to so many blessings, including deep understanding of yourself and others.

For myself, unconditional love has given me a feeling of freedom.  Keeping up with all the mistakes of myself and others can be very draining and energy consuming.  Although I certainly do not condone certain behavior, it is easy for me to forgive it.   Forgiveness allows me the freedom of letting go of the resistance to being in the flow of love.  It is so much easier to feel love when not holding on to the burdening resentments of the past.  After all, to err is human and certainly we have all learned some of the most important lessons at one time or another through a mistake.  Letting things go has uplifted me beyond measure … helping me to remove the barriers to opening my heart.  Having pure love and filling my heart with unconditional love is a wonderful feeling, a vibrational match to all my heartfelt desires.  It is a gift I have given to myself.  Try it out for a week and see the difference it can make in your life.


One thought on “Unconditional Love: Loving Without Condition

  1. I absolutely love your post. Through a great friend, I have learned unconditional love and the Life Line technique. Before our meeting, I had never heard of either. I never knew my life would have changed so much in the past year. It was difficult to love and forgive those that had betrayed me, and acted in such harsh ways, but here I set, a year to the day of only knowing the word, to now showing it to others regardless of their behavior. I tell everyone about unconditional love even though I get the weird looks. It’s something that flows naturally through my heart to reach others and if I get weird looks that’s ok. I’m passionate about the subject and willing to show that negative emotions hurt you more than they hurt others. Learning to forgive and love anyway has changed my life. I am grateful for my friend. Without his determination and willingness to show me unconditional love, I would be in a far different place. Thank you for your post. All Love to you.

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