Dreams: A Secret Key To Wellness

Are you a vivid dreamer?  Do you recall your dreams often? Do you even have dreams?

The truth is that everyone dreams, even if you do not remember them upon wakening.  Scientific research and experimentation have proven that we need to dream.  Dreams are essential.

Dreams occur during the active part of sleep, when REM occurs.  REM is an indication that a dream is occurring.  During REM the eyes are moving, fingers and other muscles twitch and the brain burns just as much energy as it does during waking life.  The reason that the body does not act out more than simple eye movement and body twitches during a dream is because of natural sleep paralysis is induced in the body during sleep.  REM occurs approximately every ninety minutes during the night, with more REMs closer together, even a half hour apart, closer to morning.

Lack of dreaming, through sleep deprivation during REM sleep  (the period that we dream), leads to psychotic behavior.  Dreams are a healthy part of our psychology.  If a person is kept from dreaming, their personality will begin to change.  A single night without dreaming will cause nervousness and irritability.  The longer a person goes without dreaming the more irritable they will become.  If dreams are prevented for a few days, definite psychological changes in behavior occur.  Waking life depletes the brains’ supply of some very critical chemicals and during REM sleep, these chemicals are replenished, which brings about emotional stability, increased memory and learning functions.

To understand your feelings and yourself more deeply, pay attention to your dreams.  They are the keys to the doorways within.  Dreams also serve as a world that is limitless … a place of amusement, where you can enjoy yourself.  The healthiest people are said to be those who are happy, so why not enjoy dreaming … record your dreams, have fun with them.  Let them amuse you.  Maybe even learn how to lucid dream, which means you are aware you are dreaming and can control them.  One of the greatest antidotes against illness is happiness.  Many dreams can even put you in a good mood that lasts throughout the day, affecting psychological structure and leading toward all sorts of positive encounters.

Dreams are a valuable resource that are available to everyone who desires to decode their symbolism.  Dreams are a place where you can learn about yourself.  Some say that dreams are more honest than our waking consciousness and that in our dreams we reveal our true feelings, especially about the most important issues in our life.  Finding the meaning of your dreams is very personal.  Once you can understand how your own associations work,  you will have the ability to better able to interpret your dreams.  It is often stated that dreams have multiple levels of meaning woven into a single dream.  It is not uncommon to have dreams that get your attention about an illness in the body.  Sickness can certainly have a somatic influence on dreams.

Only you, the dreamer can know for sure what your dreams mean.  Dream dictionaries may help a little and therapist can certainly help you figure out your dreams for yourself, but only you will make the final decision to their meaning.  If you are interested in decoding your dreams, consider making your own dream journal and dream dictionary.  Everyone has their own associations and symbols that the individual mind thinks and communicates through dreams.  In your dream journal, record your dreams.  Keep it by your bed with a pen, so that you can write them down immediately upon waking up.  The dream dictionary will be much like the dream meaning dictionaries that you can get in a store, only it will be you that gives the dream symbols meaning according to your own associations.  Be sure to have plenty of room to add to your interpretations over time.

Whether you get to know your dreams more intimately through understanding the messages that come from the subconscious to the conscious mind, or not, dreams are an important part of your being, that contribute greatly to health and happiness.

UMS has an incredible course on dreaming.  For more information, please visit the University of Metaphysical Sciences.


One thought on “Dreams: A Secret Key To Wellness

  1. “The Topic Of Dreaming Is One Of Those That No One Really Has The Right Definition When Asked Due To The Fact That Is Something That Is Beyond The Realm Of The Senses & Since Most People Have Been Trained To Function Almost Entirely On Their Physical Senses, Is Practically Impossible For Anyone To Give You An Acurate Definition Of The Dream Itself. Most People Are Not In Tune With Their Higher Senses, So That Makes Them “Iliterate” When It Comes About Defining Their Own Dreams, Let Alone Other People’s. I Agree w/ The Blogger, In That No One Can Define Your Dreams But YOU & YOU ALONE!
    Unless The The Person Trying To Define The Dream Is Someone Vibrating At A High Level Of Consciousness Where They’re At A Position Where He/She Can Literally “Read You Like An Open Book!”

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