The Herbal Allies Among Us

There exists an army that stands by, awaiting to be your ally.  The plants that grow in the wild want to be your friends.  They want to share the gifts that they have with the world, just as many of us do.  The only difference is that the plants already know what it is that they are good at, what they have to share with the world.  Many of us, on the other hand, are still learning about the gifts and talents that we have to share.  Actually the plants are already our friends.  We could not live without them and yet there secrets and healing abilities have a great deal of discovery to take place.

The herbal world is full of wonder and excitement.  It is a world of enchantment, healing and magic.  Herbal medicine, also known as herbalism or botanical medicine, is a medical system based on the use of plants.  Herbs are used by many different cultures throughout the world today and have been utilized since the antiquity of time.  Herbalism has its roots at the very beginning of human history, recorded in every corner of the earth.  Actually before 500 B.C. plants were the only source of medicine.

This ancient healing system of herbs has so much to offer, an increasingly vital element to our health and well-being.  Nature is said to be the wisest source of healing and herbs have the ability to heal the body, mind and spirit in gentle, yet effective ways.  Herbs can help us to recover from illness, ease tension and pain, cleanse our system, increase immunity and so much more.

The more I learn about herbs, the more amazed I become.  They are so useful and important, always surprising me with yet another way to utilize them and improve my life somehow.  I began my studies with simple ways of using herbalism, such as making teas and at times herbal infusions.  Gradually I began to to make all sorts of herbal remedies, from poultices, lozenges, oils, ointments, inhalations, infusions, tinctures, gargles, baths, extracts and capsules.  Don’t let all those fancy ways of preparing herbs to scare you though.  Herbal Wisdom is a deep well, although the wisdom and healing potential exists no matter how deep you delve.  Entire schools are devoted to herbalism.  After all we are talking about an ancient art that has been around since the beginning of time.  The animals too look toward the plants for remedies.  I always give thanks, showing tremendous amounts of gratitude to the plants that I harvest.  I share love, as well as water, compost, honey and at times cakes and tea … for the fairies of course.

The knowledge to heal yourself and those around you is empowering and invaluable.  It adds great dimension to my life, as there is nothing greater than helping myself and those I love, live the best life possible.  I wish this for you too.  So whether you harvest from the wild, purchase or grow your herbs, please be sure to do a little research first and foremost.  Also, connect with the herbs you wish to use, invite them to be your friend … You will be glad that you did.

As with all healing modalities, consult with a physician first.  Be sure to get proper medical advice and treatment, especially in emergency situations, from your medical doctor.


UMS Herbs, A Spiritual Approach Course

This course is part of the Bachelor’s program at UMS.  All UMS courses can be purchased individually.  Visit University of Metaphysical Sciences for more information.


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