World Religions – The Common Threads

Each individuals’ perception of religion is as unique as each individual themselves.  There are many interpretations and points of view to everything.  Everyone experiences their own sacred religion in a different way and many people adopt the things that they like in a religion, while ignoring the parts that they dislike.  This adoption of likes and dislikes, often happens subconsciously rather than through conscious awareness.  I have taken pieces and parts of religions around the world for years and called them my own.  I adopted the philosophy of “taking a little bit of this” and “a little bit of that” to be a great honor for the religions that have become a part of my foundational belief system.

There are common threads that weave the worlds religions together in a spiritual tapestry of inter-knowing and reflection.  One thread, regardless of religion is that of a higher power that presides over all that is.  The simplicity of “just being a good person” is another.  Some examples of being a good person would be helping to take care of others, practicing right action and doing good deeds.  There are of course variations as to what doing the right thing means among religions, however most would agree to the great importance of the choices made in life and the path that they put you on.  Many wars have been fought in the name of religion, many righteous purging in the world of one group or another.  Another common trait that all religions share is that of ritual.  Whether it is singing, prayer or gathering together, these rituals are ways of focusing an intent.  That’s right all religions do this.  Intention is important, as it is the seed that becomes the plant that will grow.

The beauty of all religions is that they act as a guide toward our fulfillment and enlightenment.  They help to establish a desire for doing good, a belief in a higher power and a focus of divine intent.  Studying the various religions of the world is a rewarding and rich undertaking because it allows deeper understanding of yourself and at times your own religion.  It has a wholeness to it, a realism unveiled, a recognition of the importance of the parts that make up a whole, as much as the importance of the whole itself.

The world has many religions to share with us.  Each has its own practices and beliefs, and each has served humanity in its own way.  There is great value in each and although different, just as people too are different, they are very much the same.


UMS World Religion Course

This course is part of the Bachelor’s program at UMS.  All UMS courses and meditations can be purchased individually.  Visit University of Metaphysical Sciences for more information.


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