Channeling: An Ancient Art

The ancient metaphysical science of channeling has been practiced long before it was given such a name.  A channel is a conduit through which something flows or passes and being a channel for spirit is allowing spirit to flow or pass through you.  To be a channeler is to be an open vessel for spirit.  Channeling can be a valuable source of information that answers many questions, even the mysteries of life, although it is different than psychic skills and clairvoyance.  Channeling comes from the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, as psychic abilities come from the sixth chakra, the third eye.

Some well-known channelers include Edgar Cayce (known as the sleeping prophet), Christine Breese (the founder of UMS), Sanaya Roman, Esther Hicks and Barbara Brennan.  A significant amount wisdom has been gathered by these channelers for the benefit of all humanity.  Spirit guides, or in some cases, groups of spirit guides worked with these channelers and speaking through them, they were able to share their messages and teachings with all the world.

Artists, musicians and writers have all experienced the flow, as through a channel, in which great inspiration comes from a higher source rather than the self.  When they fall into a trance, which is a deep meditative state, they begin to channel.  When this occurs the music creates itself, the book writes itself and the illustration illustrates itself.  You get the idea.  Effortlessness is the essence because the work is not entirely their own.

Two types of channeling exist.  The first type is conscious channeling, in which the channeler remains conscious of the experience.  A conscious channeler is an active participant in the channeling process.  The second type is unconscious channeling, in which the channeler “goes to sleep” and has no recollection of what happened during the channeling session.  There are good points about each of these types of channeling.

Each channeler has their own unique signal that let’s them know that they are ready to channel and connect with their guide.  It is important that they work with only high-level guides, who are beings that are kind, benevolent and have their well-being in mind.  The channeler always has the choice of who or what they want to channel, just like they have the choice of who they want as friends or business associates. High-level guides have a deep love for humanity and a desire to assist in raising the consciousness of the planet.  The emotional response that the channeler has to the guides will be a big indication of whether or not they are working with a high-level guide or not.  High-level guides feel good to be around.  High-level guides are attracted to those who have integrity themselves, living a life of balance and purity with a benevolent nature.  High-level guides make others feel lifted in vibration and supported.  Low-level guides may frighten the channeler.  Low-level guides speak negatively, stroke ego’s and want the channeler to follow their advice blindly without question.

If you are serious about channeling or are simply curious and want to know more, it is advised that you study and do much more research than this article can provide.  Channeling can be dangerous.  Not all guides are kind.  The University of Metaphysical Sciences has a great course on channeling to get you started.  For more information, please visit UMS.


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