The Fairy Realm: Real or Make-Believe? Friend or Foe?

I have held the fascination with the fairy folk every since I was young, perhaps wanting … maybe even needing to believe in the magic of the fey.  Rather than grow up and out of such an attraction toward the fairy realm, instead it grew stronger, as my love of nature increased with every Summer that blossomed.

The fairies are laced within many cultures around the world, as well as literature throughout history.  The definitions of the fairies vary, yet most agree that they are supernatural creatures with magical powers that cannot be observed by everyone.  Hidden and invisible to most, the fairy folk are known to be both benevolent and kind, as well as mischievous and cruel.

Although the subject of the fey has always interested me immensely, as with all other forms of metaphysical and spiritual events, experience has the greatest way of reaching me directly.  For myself I have found that the best way to learn about such phenomena as the fairy realm is to explore the existence of such spirits within nature, such as in the woods, the garden, the park, etc.  Books on the subject of the fairies make a little more sense when combined with personal experience.  Yet it must be understood that although my own experiences in the fairy realm have answered some questions about them, most of the time I end up with more questions.  So, I can easily say that exploring this realm leaves me with more questions than answers, yet life itself has many curious things about it … and often I cannot help but wonder.

It is said that a love of nature opens up the door to the fairy realm.  The hidden bridge between the two worlds of human and fairy becomes visible, through love, just as the vibrations lift when true love is felt.  The five senses experience a limited amount of existence and reality, reaching only certain octaves of vibration, while other levels of vibrations still exist.  Although the sense mechanisms fail to recognize and establish relationships with the octaves of vibration out of their reach, they exist and can be experienced.  The transcendental world is as real as the physical world.  If you can tune yourself into the correct frequency, the fairy realm may just open up to you.

With the season of Spring upon us, comes new growth.  If the world of the fey fascinates you, you may want to explore nature in a new way … with love and and open heart and open mind.  Perhaps you will experience more than you expected.  You may end up with a question or two, after such mysterious events cause more curiosity than you had before.  Some say that the fairies are real, while others say they are make-believe.  Perhaps somehow both sides are correct, in their own way.  Some say that the fairies are friends of humans, while others say they are foe.  Once again, perhaps both are true.  Regardless, if you wonder … hhmmm … fairies … if you think about them … you connect to them.  If you look for them, you may find them … or not, yet as you travel down a path in search for answers, be prepared to find yourself more and more curious, with more questions than you had before.  That is to say, if you believe … or perhaps if you do not … either way, there is more that exists in this life than our five senses can interpret.

May you find the magic of nature and the magic within yourself!


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