Ten Ways To Live A More Spiritual Life

The spiritual journey of life is different for all.  Finding the sacred in the day-to-day will help you to stay on the spiritual path, living the most fruitful and abundant, spiritually-rich life possible.  I like to keep a list of my favorite ways to live a spiritual life someplace where I will see them everyday.  You may like to do the same.  To get you started, here is a list of my ten favorite ways to live a more spiritual life and stay connected to spirit.  There are many ways to live a more spiritual life. You already are more spiritual by having the intention to do so.

#1: Spend time with nature

Whether you take a walk at the park, meditate under a tree, bird watch, plant a garden or invest in more indoor plants, nature attunes the soul to the truth within.  Enjoy the scents and sounds around you.

#2:  See the beauty in all

Beauty surrounds you and you are beautiful too!  Do you see it?  It is there.  Some beauty is more visible then others, but I assure you that it is everywhere.  Meditate on beauty.  Look for it and you will find it.  What do you find most beautiful?  Is it a gesture, a word, a concept, a certain kind of tree or flower, someone’s voice or smile … perhaps your own?

#3:  Connect with your higher self when interacting

Your daily interactions with other people can be a great source of spirituality.  When interacting with others, connect with your higher self first.  Allow the divine to flow through you with your words, deeds and choices.

#4:  Replace negative self-talk, mind-chatter and negative thought patterns with positive affirmations

Let go of the complaining, especially the complaints that you only hear.  The power of affirmations are great, both good and bad.  Visit Affirmations: The Power of The Word.

#5:  Be honest with yourself

Allowing the grace and vibration of the divine into your heart and life takes seeing things as they are.  Start with your feelings.  Be aware of yourself and how you feel.  Feel your emotions.  They are natural and healthy.  If you try to ignore them, they do not disappear.  They will only build-up over time.

Eventually you will have the courage and the strength to be honest with those around you.  When you are strong enough to be honest with others, especially those you care about, letting go of a need to please, relationships become more fulfilling with greater emotional intimacy.

#6:  Take responsibility for your life and your happiness

Believe it or not, happiness is a choice.  Life loves you and wants you to be happy … so make the choice.  Smile and the world will smile back.  Avoid victim mentality, and be pro-active in creating an exceptional life for yourself.

#7:  Love and respect yourself

You are a child of Spirit. Self-love is necessary in order to truly love others. Take good care of yourself and life will take care of you too.  The universe will back you up.  If you feel worthy of love, the universe will agree.  Be sure to get enough rest, enough exercise, eat well and drink plenty of pure water.  Be sure to feed your mind good food too, by thinking thoughts that reflect your love for yourself.  Let your natural beauty shine and remember inner beauty is the mark of true beauty.  If you are a beautiful person it shows … in your eyes and through your heart.  People see true beauty and they feel it too.

#8:  Practice random acts of kindness

Have you ever done something nice for someone, without expecting anything in return?  Can you describe how it makes you feel?  Be sure to do something nice for someone every week.  The act should be something that the person needs and come from the heart.  Make a note of the experience you have each time you do this.  What do you gain by doing this?

#9:  Let go of the past, especially blame and mistakes

In this world, our life is a gift and this world is a classroom.  Making mistakes are part of the lessons, part of the opportunities for spiritual growth.  Never beat yourself up over something you did, rather become better by it.  An atonement can easily be achieved by doing things differently.  Allow yourself human weakness and learn from it.  As long as you choose to learn from your mistakes, rather than repeat them, then you are living spiritually.

We are all children of the higher source, all loved and all cherished, each uniquely for who we are.  Our sins are immediately forgiven, so forgive yourself, forgive others and move on.  Remember, however that to forgive certainly does not mean to condone.  If others treat you poorly, forgive them, but remember that it is your choice to be around others who treat you with the love and respect that you deserve or those who do not.

#10:  Trust in life to bring you what you need

Hardships can be great educators.  There is something good in all experiences and darkness is merely an absence of light.  Sometimes what we truly need, is a deep and penetrating life lesson.  This is the only way to bring about spiritual growth and renewal.

Life loves you and wants you to be successful and live on purpose.  Your heart’s desire, your soul’s journey will attract to you what you need to manifest great changes in your life.  Cultivate gratitude and faith and trust in life to bring you what you need.

These are some of my favorite ways of living a more spiritual life.  I would love to hear yours.  Please share your favorite ways to cultivate the spiritual in your everyday, by commenting below.

Love & Blessings!


5 thoughts on “Ten Ways To Live A More Spiritual Life

  1. Meditation, praying for others, service commitments, mindfulness, dancing, and reading spiritual literature are a few more spiritual practices that help me become more aligned with the Greater Good.
    Thank you for sharing………

  2. I’m an atheist but I’m willing to see the beauty in all things and meditate on beauty, it adds the spirit, the eye of the soul to my day, and a spirit of truth as even the blood of being nailed to a cross has a beautiful red colour, I’m skinny, I wear a hat with tails on it, I have a beard and I consider myself beautiful, even attractive like a supermodel, it brightens my day. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on the art of life and commented:
    I love this post noted spend time with nature as #1. Feel the earth below your feet. Watch a sunrise or sunset. Watch the wind blow the leaves around. When I went to the beach to take my dog, I never wore shoes to feel the sand and water on my feet. A very important part of a more spiritual life is to love yourself, no matter what. I know sometimes not so easy to do. We are our own worst enemy of negativity. Be thankful everyday for what you have, no matter how much or how little. Forgive those who have done you wrong. Again not so easy sometimes, depending on the depth of hurt. Be kind to all, people, animals, plants and Mother Earth. Just a smile can change a persons day. Change the negative chatter in your head to positive. This is where affirmations play a big role. I love myself. I am happy. I am one with the universe. We are all connected. All is well!

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