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Going To Sebastopol This Weekend, Christine Breese, University Of Metaphysical Sciences


Hi all!

University of Metaphysical Sciences is going to be at the Spring Wellness Festival this coming weekend on Saturday in Sebastopol, CA. You can meet Christine Breese there all day on Saturday and if you would like to attend her evening workshop on Saturday, it is free and open to all!

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9-18-06 Summer Ends! University Of Metaphysical Sciences, Christine Breese

September has started with quite a bang this year. University Of Metaphysical Sciences has been very busy since the beginning of the month. Summer is over and people are starting to think about school again, although the weather is still quite nice. Here in Arcata, some of our best weather is in the summer. The nice thing about Arcata is that it never gets too hot in the summer and it never gets too cold in the winter. Well! We better get back to work! Lots of enrollments to process today that came in over the weekend. This is our busiest time of year.

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