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2 Metaphysics Sciences Christine Breese Satsang Metaphysical

2 Metaphysics Sciences Christine Breese Satsang Metaphysical

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University Of Metaphysical Sciences, Christine Breese at Harbin Hotsprings

Christine Breese will soon be at Harbin Hot Springs for the annual University Of Metaphysical Sciences summer retreat, Awaken Now! This retreat is open to all, students and non-students alike and is very low priced! $295 covers all food, camping indoor or outdoor, and all retreat expenses for the whole weekend, June 13-15, $325 for non-students. Come join us in exploration of consciousness and a deeper awareness of self. The retreat consists of meditations, discusssions and question and answer sessions. Come and join Christine Breese in a deeper realization of self and learn more about the nature of your consciousness and how it works.

University of Metaphysical Sciences sponsors this retreat. Enjoy the Harbin Hot Springs grounds, including the hot tubs, trails and other facilities at this beautiful location near Middletown, CA. You’ll also be served tasty vegetarian food and make new friends. If you would like to find out more about this retreat, go to http://umsonline.org/MeditationRetreats/HarbinHotsprings/HarbinHotsprings2008/HarbinHotspringsMeditationRetreat2008.html

If you would like to find out more about Christine Breese and hear some of her spiritual talks, go to her Video Transcripts site.

University Of Metaphysical Sciences is a program of Wisdom of the Heart Church 501(c)3

Going To Sebastopol This Weekend, Christine Breese, University Of Metaphysical Sciences


Hi all!

University of Metaphysical Sciences is going to be at the Spring Wellness Festival this coming weekend on Saturday in Sebastopol, CA. You can meet Christine Breese there all day on Saturday and if you would like to attend her evening workshop on Saturday, it is free and open to all!

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Christine Breese, University Of Metaphysical Sciences, Christine Breese

University Of Metaphysical SciencesChristine Breese, founder of University Of Metaphysical Sciences, UMS , Wisdom of the Heart Church and Starlight Journal, is currently working on her book Integrity Handbook for Spiritual Teachers, Healers and Leaders.

Christine Breese founded University of Metaphysical Sciences in 2004.